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LOL! That's nice though. I wonder how many boys who go to the site want to admit they are boys. And if they know they are boys they can't really answer 'I don't know'. So that 'I don't want to say' gives them a nice way out. Of course if their name is Dwayne, or Arnold or something that, that might give it away to the Mattel Marketeers, don't you think?

Fear and hatred are the twin offspring of ignorance.

Interestingly, few - if any - transgender people are "confused" about their gender identity. (troubled by it, but not confused)

Yes, I was thinking about that. I think for transgendered people, their strong sense of gender is exactly why there is a desire to transition.

I also believe there are people who don't feel that either gender fits for them. And, finally, as Neil pointed out, there are those that just realize that their likes and behaviours are not considered acceptable for their gender.

The Barbie example helps illustrate what strict categories and definitions we're all forced to accomodate.

I always remember my little nephew asking for an easy bake oven when he was about six. He would hide it when his friends came over. It is so ridiculous to think that at such a young age people begin to live with shame.

What gets under my eyeball even more is this, Polly: in an age of internet predators, children should *not* be encouraged to give their age or gender over the damn internet at all. it is irrelevant, and it should not be encouraged by sites that are considered 'bonafide' by consumers.
While the gender matter is disturbing the real issue to me is the fact that these websites collect information and kids are so accustomed to dishing it out that their danger elaerts don;t even register.
My kid has a blog and her freinds have blogs, they share artwork, etc. Just out of curiousity I went to some of the 'friend' blogs to find out that some of these young girls had posted their pictures, where they go to school, all sorts of identifying things. And then tehre were the comments asking questions, the email exchanges... it is just NOT worth it! Some of these people that prey on young girls pretend to be kids, pretend to just be interested but in the meantime they are gathering information.
Now I am not suggesting that the internet is not a good resource or diversion, but the CAREGIVER should determine if the barbie or toehr site is age appropriate and there is no need to know gender. If they intend to select certain game sbased on gender they suck for that as well.
These websites are glorified commercials.
I hear you, but as a mom my feathers were more ruffled over the other.

great post!

neil - I agree, and so much more that sows of iraqi nightmares and bullshit re-elections... so much more happens from bad to worse to unbelieveable human cruelty because of ignorance when it like a milkweed seed in a whirlwind- spreads.

I have a 'Terrorist Barbie'. I'll have to take a picture of it and post it one of these days.

Hey Neil, I think thats a collectible. It will triple in value as we seek to rid the world of all such barbies.
Make no mistake- I am not a barbie sympathizer.

Polly- love the new look! Evolving, huh?

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