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You may recall in the debates Martin said that no major social program has been introduced this generation!
It is the role of the major parties to maintain the status quo, ie not rock the boat.
You want child care then vote for minority parties. As their vote starts to increase the majors will take the ideas and offer them back to the public. That is how one remains a major party.

But me, personally, I'm an idealist. I don't make short term tactical votes but instead vote my heart and soul. And my values in no way conform to that of the major parties.

Hmmm. Gotta love Canada.

Hey! Did that banner just change?
Perhaps the best so far.

Hey, just checking in with my favorite canadian. Its tuesday. :0

I do love the changes you are making in the overall look - very attractive, and easy to navigate. Cool beans, sweetie! And I have to say your politics sound interesting. I wish we had a Canadian channel - there's a British one, but you rarely get news on it. I usually have to check in on various blogs, or read the papers to get an idea of what’s going on in the rest of the world.

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