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Really, what's the problem with this? Consenting adults. No money changing hands. Other than the hangups of the onlookers -- including me and all the other armchair quarterbacks weighing in on the subject -- what problems could possibly come of people getting together to have sex? It sounds like a great idea, to me.

When Trudeau said "the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation", he wasn't just talking about gays or sodomy or any of that. It was plainly an understanding that people ought to do what they want to do (sexually). It's a surprisingly far-reaching and intelligent statement.

These clubs are just folks being folks. Monitoring or limiting my sex life with my partner would be equally abhorrent as limiting these clubs from operating.

Legal? Sure, as long as it's all consensual what business is it of mine?

I just don't want to walk into one by accident. I'm a little too Jane Austen, myself.

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