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Yes, Polly. Scott Feschuck is an idiot. And a douchebag. Did I also mention sycophant?


I find it pretty shocking that such drivel can be found on the Liberal Party's official website.

...then, I see all these political discussions, on the web and elsewhere, about childcare with no mention of issue of women's autonomy...Ugh, it really gets me going.

You might just get people here to stop envying the Candadians. :)

Oh Rivermomma - that was very funny! But you guys still have the better end of the deal - trust me on this. Living under Bush is no walk in the park. Oh - I posted that piece on my site - I plan on putting up at dKos tomorrow (if we have power - we are currently in the middle of an ice storm).

Well - I have posted on dKos, and the response is worse than last time. My husband was right - most men will try and cover up their own hatred by attacking anyone who points it out. I had expected more support – I mean - surely there are men and women at dKos who give a damn? Not the case, I’m afraid. And I am really troubled at the over-all derision regarding women in general. Very sad, don't you think? So much seething hatred. It takes my breath away.

Yes, I see what you mean. I enjoyed your blog very much but need to find time to get back there to read some more. You know, we make our rounds between naps and laundry... LOL

Feschuck's weird.

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