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Fox News and Neil Cavuto are idiots! Please don't think they represent anyone other than the right-wing 'gotta hate someone' crowd. The only reason they are picking on Canada is the gay marriage thing. That and they got tired of slamming Mexico and France. Boy would I like to wash their mouths out with soap!

If the American right were honest, they'd be thanking Canada's government for working so hard to get Canadian companies (such as SNC Lavalin) in on Defense contracts for the war in Iraq, sending troops to terrorize Afghanistan and Haiti, and constantly toadying up to the US line of "Free" Trade.

As far as I'm concerned, all of the anti-US rhetoric that comes out of the liberal party is a ruse to make us ignore the areas where the Canadian government allows the US to set the agenda for the world.

Hi, Ran into your blog via the Typepad Refugees. Was reading about this Canada bashing in a VERY funny post over at Red Tory ( Lots of us on your side down here. In fact, lots of us would prefer to live in Canada, I think. Best regards. I'll add you to my link list.

To my US friends, the clips were actaully courtesy of Blogenfreude of Typepad Refugees. We don't think you hate us, and we don't hate you.

L, I also wonder how the US plays us...Don't you think the ambassador would have assessed our reaction pre-statement?

What these talking heads miss is that the current "hostility" is a backlash to BushCo treating the world like their doormat.

"On the street", there is no real problem. On matters of policy and trade relations, the attitude coming out of the current US government is deeply offensive to a lot of the world.

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