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Looks good to me! I like what you've done. I know many people have had troubles with typepad. Take a breather! See you soon.
PS I like the banner. -Lily

Best to you and yours for New Year. (Oh yes, I suppose I should say that I've had trouble commenting here too, and am happy you rectified that. Typepad seems to give lots of folks trouble.)

Like the evolving banner! Just wanted to say Happy New year!!!!

Happy New Year to you both!

The banner will be evolving for a while. I am mostly wanting to learn a bit more about graphics for a site I want to launch for a grassroots organization...But, I may have to find a designer. As you can see, I'm pretty inadequate! Oh, well.

Happy New Year!

I like it, but liked the one before the one before this. It looked stark.
I like Adobe photoshop and illustrator, user friendly.

I really appreciate the feedback, Lily, because I generally don't share the blog with friends and family. I'm using the image of myself because it's a personal blog mostly...and because it is the easiest thing to do in Photoshop! I'll try a couple out over the next month or so.

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