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Even with the uh.. GRAPHIC nature of the sign. I much prefer the latter picture

I haven't come across one of those signs yet, but I'd sure like a few stickers with your version to slap over top of them when I do.

Polly, Polly, Polly, ... good job.
I almost came down for some free breakfast but the clinic was too busy, too eary, and the clinic nurse was out nursing (her prostitution job) leaving me holding the fort. The weather was good and I was itchin for an excuse to fire up the motorcycle and come on down to the dreadful downtown.
Make sure you let me know of the next event that protests the criminalizing of the poor.

Hey, where'd you get that sign idea?

Okay, Scott, I will try to limit myself to one PROFANITY a year! (God, your comment made me laugh!)

Regarding the sign, I've had the idea since the first night I saw those smug bastards on the news...

Hey, have any panhandlers made signs requesting that Ralph Klein not get drunk and come into their shelters?


Brava PJ. When you first posted that pic, I did wonder what one could say to someone so smug in their detachment. You answered the call aptly.

I was once at a Haloween party and this guy was dressed up as a squegee (sp?) kid, holding a sign that said "I dawnt half no edumication." I have never felt like punching someone out before. It boggles my mind that people are still willing to accept the tired out, one dimensional stereotypes we have created out of the years. Great blog.

The funniest sign I saw at the protest was "Spare Change for Conrad Black's Lawyer".

Polly, that's fantastic. I think a bunch of folks dressed like that hangout in down town would really make a point. or get Conrad Black his lawyer.

LOL. That's great!

Hey, WOW. Three can play the game just as well as two:

"What follows is a fictitious interview by our fictitious reporter Dick. Today Dick is ficitiously interviewing "Polly Jones" from "Marginal Notes"."

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