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Being allergic "to fruits, nuts, and a variety of vegetables" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It is counter-intuitive.

You are striving to be one of the good-guys, so good on ya. But perhaps there is something alternative that can be done for your health Check out
It's in Calgary. I know that they have experience with similar health conditions.

And I've added your blog to the bookmarked list. Keep up the good fight.

Thanks for the recommendation. I actually do see a naturopath; I think it is imperative to take a holistic approach to one's health!

You're right - being allergic to these things does seem counter-intutive. Then again, I am undoubtedly allergic to various trees and grasses!

My body is very mixed up; it reacts to "good" things, but does not react to "bad" things. For instance, my blood doesn't respond to the chicken pox vaccine.

My naturopath suggested that there may be a cognitive connection relating to past trauma and boundary issues. There is a lot of reasearch on post-traumatic stress and immunity which I will post on eventually.

Did I miss something about the "past trauma" link to allergies? Are you suggesting links between traumatic events and physical response?
The only research I am aware of points to links between trauma, subsequent stress, and the release of steroidal-type substances as responses to stress. Perhaps unresolved trauma manifests as free-form anxiety, the "stress related" substances increase, and I suppose could eventually affect one's immunity. But so can basic stress of many varieties. Please post on your perspective as I am not familiar with this direct linkage.
I am not an allergy expert, but have overcome many by submerging myself in them versus avoidance, hoping that my body would naturally acclimate which in many cases, it did.

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