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Yep, here we go again. Klein and his rich buddies have done absolutely nothing for the poor and working poor in Alberta (and there are plenty - according to recent figures, 42% of the population makes less than $20,000, a 5% increase over the last two years alone).

It is high time that we kick the PC party out of office and let someone else give it a try (Alberta Liberals, nudge, nudge)

I fear I've met a few too many people 'downtown' who have seemingly thrown in the towel on life, and are entirerly unwilling to help themselves. If that is the case, then I've no interest in helping them.

If some are insistent on driving their lives into the ground, so be it, so long as it doesn't negatively effect the rest of us. In a post-modern western society, there are millions options open to them for a way out.

It comes down to personal responsibility.

I have recently come accros these ads as part of my daughters' grade 9 economics course. Assomeone who has been involved in economic development and projects in both Canada and abroad, I really don't understand these ads at all. The CDA, which is presumably some kind of Chamber of Commerce, wants to use the symptoms of the disease, and ignore the causes.

People who live on the street have addictions, mental illness, prostitution/crime and disease "because" they live on the street. It is a way to survive! Panhandling is not leading to increased drug use (heroin is pretty expensive) or crime - it is the lack of any connection to soceity as we know it. They live in Calgary, but not with us - they are forced to beg for what little they can get, and instead of trying to integrate them back into society, the CDA spends thousands telling us that the only way we can help to to "give" to some "un named" agencies. How much did the CDA donate? Too whom?

How effective are these agencies in turning their lives around - how about a contact or a CDA sponsered ad for the actual agency ...

As far as im concerned, these ads and the failure by Canada to address the affordable housing issues in our biggest obstacle. No one should have to live on the street, no matter what they have done or not done - Housing should be a basic right.

I find the institution of homelessness in Canadian cities to be a huge problem because it is how we care for the most vulnerable that we have on display. Its not ok that there are more homeless people in NYC or London or Hong Kong - and these ads come as close as Ive seen to endorsing that principle. These people are on the street because of their habits, because of their sins, because of their crimes - creul and unusual punishment for sure.

I'm interested as to whether the class is in a Calgary school. In any case, I agree with all your points. I believe that the CDA has abandoned the campaign after negative feedback from the community!

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