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I think one of the most important and difficult challenges in life is to find, and own, one's voice. I suppose a blog is part of the process for me.

'Marginal Notes' was created in 2005 and has evolved over time, as have I. I continue to blog under the alias of 'Polly Jones'. I now see her as an alterego of sorts. Many in the blogging community know my actual name -- Joanne Costello.

I have grown tired of seeing so many women bloggers going under aliases while many men use their real, I refuse. Also, I suppose I have to be realistic that this blog can be linked with me in various ways. Perhaps, being open with my real identity will encourage me to use less foul language...somehow, I doubt it.

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popular culture, feminist economics, materialist feminism, ecofeminism, labour issues, immigration issues, policy, health care, care crisis, disability, right to die, discourses from the margins.